recruitment process

How training management software can get your new recruits explore?

Recruiting and retaining top talent is undoubtedly the most important thing for an organisation to stay ahead of the curve in today’s cutthroat business ecosystem. Unfortunately, several organisations tend to struggle in the burgeoning and competitive talent market when it … Read More

skill the team

How To Up-skill The Team

As a team manager, one of your foremost responsibilities is to train or upskill your team member to take on higher responsibilities and deliver the task efficiently and effectively. It is critical that you understand the principles of learning so … Read More

fired from job

What are you doing to avoid being fired from your job?

It’s a tough world out there, with newer technologies eating the older behemoths and pushing them in oblivion. It’s a matter of time before we see organizations restructure themselves to face the new world order, that is hyper-connected and hyper-automated. … Read More

if you don't ask you won't get

If You Don’t Ask, You Won’t Get It

In your career whether you are seeking more money, higher status, increased visibility, additional hands, or more vacation time, you are most likely not to get it, if you don’t ask your manager for it. Good managers see asking as … Read More

employee appreciation

Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Staff Will Enjoy

It is not a secret for the HR Management that the key way for limiting employee turnover is the employee appreciation. Employee appreciation is a long process and should be implemented to the beliefs and behaviours that determine how a company’s employees … Read More